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    • An agency-oriented approach to digital curation theory and practice 

      Δάλλας, Κωστής; Dallas, Costis (2007)
      Digital curation emerged as an important new concept in the theory and management of cultural information, not least because of its broad applicability and promise of a universal approach to ensure future "fitness for ...
    • Defining User Requirements for Holocaust Research Infrastructures and Services in the EHRI Project 

      Δάλλας, Κωστής; Μπενάρδου, Αγιάτις; Dallas, Costis; Benardou, Agiatis (2012)
      The poster presents the background, conceptual framework, methodology and initial results of a mixed research project, investigating information practice and user requirements of historians, humanities scholars and social ...
    • Dynamic hypermedia from a museum database: the Gold of Greece application 

      Δάλλας, Κωστής; Garzotto, F; Dallas, Costis (1993)
      This paper describes the Hypertext Interface for Information: Multimedia and Relational Databases (HIFI) museum information system project, which addresses the need for complex, specialized information structuring and for ...
    • A new agenda for museum information systems 

      Δάλλας, Κωστής; Dallas, Costis (1994)
      Museums are massive repositories of complex, heterogeneous and multi-faceted information on materal culture; many museums are aleady creating large computerised archives, storing this information. Yet, if museum information ...
    • A New Architecture and Approach to Asset Representation for Europeana Aggregation: The CARARE Way 

      Δάλλας, Κωστής; Παπαθεοδώρου, Χρήστος; Ertmann-Christiansen, Christian; Fernie, Kate; Γαβρίλης, Δημήτρης; Emilia Masci, Maria; Κωνσταντόπουλος, Πάνος; Αγγελής, Σταύρος; Dallas, Costis; Gavrilis, Dimitris; Constantopoulos, Panos; Angelis, Stavros; Papatheodorou, Christos (2011)
      This paper presents a new metadata aggregation approach based on a mediating repository that intends to ensure the integrity, authenticity and semantic enrichment of metadata provided to Europeana by heterogeneous collections. ...
    • Report on the Workshop on Digital Curation in the Human Sciences at ECDL 2009 

      Δάλλας, Κωστής; Doorn, Peter; Dallas, Costis (2009)