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    • Cataloging for a billion word library of Greek and Latin 

      Crane, Gregory; Almas, B.; Babeu, Alison; Cerrato, L.; Krohn, A.; Baumgart, F.; Berti, M.; Franzini, G.; Stoyanova, S. (2014)
      This paper reports work on a catalog that includes not only standard metadata but also a complete reference transcription for each work so that users can explicitly cite not only every version but also every word in every ...
    • Improving OCR Accuracy for Classical Critical Editions 

      Boschetti, Federico; Romanello, Matteo; Babeu, Alison; Bamman, David; Crane, Gregory (2009)
      This paper describes a work-flow designed to populate a digital library of ancient Greek critical editions with highly accurate OCR scanned text. While the most recently available OCR engines are now able after suitable ...