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    • Stratinc: a regional policy blueprint highlighting the uses of strategic intelligence in cluster policy 

      Passas, Isidoros; Aroca, Juan A.; Σεφερτζή, Έλενα; Κομνινός, Νίκος; Guth, Michael; Pelayo, Esteban; Halvorsen, Knut; Lien Egerund, Martina; Krogh, Ann Camila; Komendantova, Maria; Sefertzi, Elena; Komninos, Nikos; Πασσάς, Ισίδωρος (2006)
      This blueprint on Strategic Intelligence and Innovative Clusters is the result of a collaborative project of more than two years in duration which brought together 6 European regions and whose work is at the forefront of ...