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    • Discovering the structure and impact of the digital library evaluation domain 

      Papachristopoulos, Leonidas; Παπαχριστόπουλος, Λεωνίδας; Tsakonas, Giannis; Τσάκωνας, Γιάννης; Boudourides, Moses; Sfakakis, Michalis; Σφακάκης, Μιχάλης; Kleidis, Nikos; Κλειδης, Νικος; Lenis, Sergios; Λένης, Σέργιος; Papatheodorou, Christos; Παπαθεοδώρου, Χρήστος (2017-06)
      The multidimensional nature of digital libraries evaluation domain poses several challenges to the research communities that intend to assess criteria, methods, products and tools, and also practice them. The amount of ...