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    • The Age of Discontent': Greek Publishing Through Six Years of Austerity 

      Kabouropoulos, Socrates; Καμπουρόπουλος, Σωκράτης (2017)
      The effects of the 2010-2015 economic recession on the Greek publishing market have been dramatic, by all means, affecting its structure, operation, quantity and quality features. What is interesting to investigate, thereof, ...
    • Reading Behaviour of the Greek Population 1998-1999: national Book Centre of Greece 

      Chorianopoulos, Antonis; Kabouropoulos, Socrates; Vernardakis, Christophoros; Papamichail, Yiannis; Zorba, Myrsini; Καμπουρόπουλος, Σωκράτης; Χωριανοπουλος, Αντωνης; Βερναρδάκης, Χριστόφορος; Παπαμιχαήλ, Γιάννης; Ζορμπά, Μυρσίνη (2000)
      The National Book Centre of Greece has conducted a quantitative research in November 1998--January 1999 that covered the whole country of Greece, with sample size of 3.807 Greek citizens, aged 15 years old and over. The ...