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    • Digital library information-technology infrastructures 

      Ιωαννίδης, Γιάννης; Maier, David; Abiteboul, Serge; Weikum, Gerhard; Schek, Hans; Rabitti, Fausto; Knoblock, Craig; Halevy, Alon; Fox, Edward A.; Davidson, Susan; Buneman, Peter; Ioannidis, Yannis (2005)
      This paper charts a research agenda on systems-oriented issues in digital libraries. It focuses on the most central and generic system issues, including system architecture, user-level functionality, and the overall ...
    • Enabling Content-Based Image Retrieval in Very Large Digital Libraries 

      Bolettieri, Paolo; Esuli, Andrea; Falchi, Fabrizio; Lucchese, Claudio; Perego, Raffaele; Rabitti, Fausto (2009)
      Enabling e ective and e cient Content-Based Image Re- trieval (CBIR) on Very Large Digital Libraries (VLDLs), is today an important research issue. While there exist well-known approaches for information retrieval on textual ...
    • SAPIR: towards Large Scale Multimedia Content Search 

      Agosti, Maristella; Rabitti, Fausto (2009)
      Existing web search technologies are limited to text-based search, yet still 99% of the information on the web consists of audio-visual content that is searchable only by associated metadata and not by its actual content. ...