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    • Striking results with bouncing balls 

      Heck, André; Ellermeijer, Ton; Kędzierska, Ewa (University of Cyprus, 2008)
      In a laboratory activity students study the behaviour of a bouncing ball. With the help of a high-speed camera they can study the motion in detail. Computer modelling enables them to relate the measurement results to the ...
    • System dynamics modeling: from mechanics to chemistry 

      D’Anna, Michele; Fuchs, Hans; Lubini, Paolo (University of Cyprus, 2008)
      In this paper, we discuss a contribution toward the use of analogical reasoning by explicit system dynamics modeling of physical processes. The relational structures found in simple models are transferred to an example ...
    • Teaching and learning about Electromagnetism in high school: addressing issues of relevance and Epistemic practice 

      Constantinou, Constantinos P.; Papaevripidou, Marios; Lividjis, Michalis; Scholinaki, Argyro; Hadjilouca, Rodothea (University of Cyprus, 2008)
      Electromagnetism presents an interesting topic for teaching and learning of physics in high school. On the one hand, the corresponding phenomena are mostly outside the range of student experiences and relevance to every ...