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    • Do all bodies fall equally? On the importance of stating the area of validity in physics education 

      Lehavi, Yaron; Galili, Igal (University of Cyprus, 2008)
      Galileo's law of free fall, a corner stone of modern science, is usually accepted without any limits except the condition of vacuum. The present study, following the paradigm of educational reconstruction (Duit et al. ...
    • The role of critical thinking In physics learning 

      Rodrigues, Alice; Oliveira, Maurícia (University of Cyprus, 2008)
      Critical thinking is usually seen as crucial to Physics learning. This is clearly stated in the purposes of many Physics’ curricula. In fact, since Dewey, several authors argue that critical thinking is fundamental to ...
    • Features and consequences of two School science curricula 

      Lemmer, Miriam (University of Cyprus, 2008)
      With the political change in 1994, South Africa entered a period of dramatic educational change. The former positivist school curriculum was replaced with an outcomes-based curriculum. In outcomes-based education (OBE) ...