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    • Linking exploration to academic performance 

      Γκορέζης, Παναγιώτης; Gkorezis, Panagiotis; Κωσταγιόλας, Πέτρος; Νιάκας, Δημήτριος; Kostagiolas, Petros; Niakas, Dimitriοs (2017)
      Substantial empirical research has addressed the antecedents of students’ academic performance. Building on these insights, the purpose of this paper is to extend the related literature by investigating the impact of ...
    • Linking Genealogical Research to Library and Information Science : concepts, Perspectives, Considerations 

      Sant-Geronikolou, Stavroula; Σαντ-Γερονικολού, Σταυρούλα (2011)
      This essay is based on views and conclusions on genealogy and its relation to information sciences as shaped during long years of research inspired by both personal and experiental interest in the advanced study of family ...
    • Linking the (un)linked data through backlinks 

      Παπαδάκης, Ιωάννης; Στεφανιδάκης, Μιχάλης; Papadakis, Ioannis; Stefanidakis, Michalis (2011)
      This paper proposes a framework capable of enhancing the interlinking between Linked Open Data - LOD repositories. Such interlinking is achieved through the realization of back-linking. Backlinking refers to the consistent ...
    • LIS as a field of study: socio-cultural influences on students’ decision making 

      Μονιάρου-Παπακωνσταντίνου, Βαλεντίνη; Τσατσαρώνη, Άννα; Κατσής, Αθανάσιος; Moniarou-Papaconstantinou, Valentini; Tsatsaroni, Anna; Katsis, Athanassios; Koulaidis, Vasilis; Κουλαϊδής, Βασίλης (2010)
      Using Bourdieu-inspired sociological literature, this paper aims to report on a study that examines the educational choices of new entrants in the three library and information science (LIS) schools operating in Greece ...
    • List of Post - Graduate unpublished thesis 

      This publication was made possible thanks to a generous donation from the Pierides Foundation and BP Cyprus Ltd., Nicosia Municipality, Σύνδεσμος Κυριών των Ακριτικών Ενοριών Χρυσαλινιωτίσσης και Αγίου Κασιανού, H & O Ltd, Lombard Banking (Cyprus) Ltd., Mr. and Mrs. Chr. Economidou and finally the Association of Cypriot Archaeologists. (Σύνδεσμος Κυπρίων Αρχαιολόγων (Association of Cypriot Archaeologists), 1985)
    • Lobbying for Libraries in Greece – Ideas and Examples from Germany 

      Vogt, Hannelore (Thessaloniki book fair, 2009)
    • A location-tracking interface for ethnomusicological collections 

      Magas, Michela; Proutskova, Polina (2009)
      Annotation in ethnomusicological archives is often incomplete, and searches involving artist’s or composer’s name often do not apply. We propose a novel system for intuitive exploration of ethnomusicological recordings which ...
    • A logging scheme for comparative digital library evaluation 

      Καπιδάκης, Σαράντος; Klas, Claus-Peter; Albrechtsen, Hanne; Fuhr, Norbert; Hansen, Preben; Kovács, László; Kriewel, S.; Micsik, András; Παπαθεοδώρου, Χρήστος; Τσάκωνας, Γιάννης; Jacob, E.; Kapidakis, Sarantos; Tsakonas, Giannis; Papatheodorou, Christos (2006)
      Evaluation of digital libraries assesses their effectiveness, quality and overall impact. To facilitate the comparison of different evaluations and to support the re-use of evaluation data, we are proposing a new logging ...
    • Lon-capa, an open-source freeware learning content management and course management system 

      Kortemeyer, Gerd; Bauer, Wolfgang (University of Zilina, 2005)
      The LearningOnline Network with Computer-Assisted Personalized Approach (LON-CAPA) is a fully integrated cross-institutional learning content management and assessment system initially developed at Michigan State University ...
    • London AAA games 

      Unknown author (Βιβλιοθήκη Πανεπιστημίου Κύπρου, 1937)
    • London Olympic Marathon Map 

      Unknown author (Βιβλιοθήκη Πανεπιστημίου Κύπρου, 2012)
    • London Olympics - Stelios Kyriakides and Marathon photos 

      Unknown author (Βιβλιοθήκη Πανεπιστημίου Κύπρου, 1948)
    • London with Mrs Gonvevi 

      Unknown author (Βιβλιοθήκη Πανεπιστημίου Κύπρου, 1960)
    • A long-tail inspired measure to assess resource use in information services 

      Κωσταγιόλας, Πέτρος; Κορφιάτης, Νικόλαος; Πούλος, Μάριος Σ.; Poulos, Marios S.; Korfiatis, Nikolaos; Kostagiolas, Petros (2012)
      A measure for the assessment of resource use in information services provides an application within the information services area of the long tail concept. The analysis quantifies the long tail concept and is applicable ...
    • Lovelock's record 

      Unknown author
    • Lovelock's surprise defeat at A.A.A. meeting 

      Abrahams, H.M. (Βιβλιοθήκη Πανεπιστημίου Κύπρου, 1935-07-14)
    • Lovelock's surprising failure 

      Unknown author
    • Luncheon club 

      Unknown author (Βιβλιοθήκη Πανεπιστημίου Κύπρου, 1946-05-13)
    • The lure of Japan 

      Unknown author