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dc.contributor.authorΜπώκος, Γιώργος Δ.el_GR
dc.contributor.authorΠούλος, Μάριος Σ.el_GR
dc.contributor.authorΠαπαβλασόπουλος, Σώζωνel_GR
dc.contributor.authorΕυαγγέλου, Άγγελος Μ.el_GR
dc.contributor.authorPoulos, Marios S.en
dc.contributor.authorPapavlasopoulos, Sozonen
dc.contributor.authorEvangelou, Angelos M.en
dc.contributor.authorBokos, George D.en
dc.descriptionΠεριέχει τη περίληψηel_GR
dc.description.abstractIn this paper we address the problem of developing appropriate data formats and structural descriptions for the electroencephalogram (EEG). Facilitating data interchange and interoperability of EEGs, including search and retrieval mechanisms, has great potential to benefit both clinical management and research. The problem is of great interest to those in information technology, in particular medical informatics, because there are a vast amount of heterogeneous data sources available that do not follow common data formats and rules. We have attempted to address this problem by using effective input encoding for locating and sharing a very specific class of data, that is of uniform diagnostic EEG features. We have done this using an appropriate XML (Extensible Markup Language) schema, that is based on knowledge of medical EEG signal processing. The proposed data classification format enables data recorded and stored in different operational structures or using several software and hardware systems, into a uniform EEG data collection that can be utilised for clinical and research purposes. Ultimately development of the schema will help physicians or clinical researchers to locate and retrieve any EEG data available, using web technology and information retrieval standards.en
dc.sourceJournal on Information Technology in Healthcare Volume 4, Issue 4, 1 August 2006, Pages 253-273en
dc.titleAn XML schema for the sharing and communication of heterogeneous EEG data for diagnostic and research purposesen
dc.subject.JITAΠηγές πληροφορησης, υποστήριξη, δίαυλοιel_GR
dc.subject.JITAInformation sources, supports, channelsen

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