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    • Συνεργασία 

      Οργανωτική Επιτροπή Ενίσχυσης Βιβλιοθηκών (Οργανωτική Επιτροπή Ενίσχυσης Βιβλιοθηκών, χ.χ)
    • Libraries in Cyprus 

      Στεφάνου, Κώστας; Stephanou, Costas (1968)
    • Libraries in Cyprus 

      Στεφάνου, Κώστας; Stephanou, Costas (1975)
    • Resources for music research in Greece-an overview 

      Ratliff, Neil (1979)
      Survey of resources for music research in Greece was undertaken as part of the Directory of Music Research Libraries. Describes the tasks and problems encountered. Sources include Provincial public and Municipal libraries; ...
    • Entwicklungshilfe fur Schulbibliotheken-Beratung und Seminare in der Republik Zypern. 

      Seume, Ursula (1981)
      In May 81, for the First time, West Germany gave aid to libraries in adeveloping country. In Cyprus, school libraries are usually in better condition that public libraries. The Cypriot librarians asked Germany for help ...
    • Cypriot libraries 

      Harvey, John F. (1982)
      Describes the current state of librarianship and bibliography in Cyprus, with separate sections for the Greek and Turkish sectors. Although there is no national library in the Greek sector there are 5 types of public ...
    • Education for librarianship in Greece 

      Krikelas, James (1982)
      During the past 30 years various efforts have been made to stimulate improvements in the education and training of librarians in Greece. Workshops, seminars, and nonuniversity training courses have been offered in the past ...
    • Visiting special libraries in Greece-a few surprises for the western librarian 

      StClair, Guy (1982)
      Through personal visits to selected libraries in Greece, an attempt was made to learn something of Greek attitudes about libraries and librarianship. Describes visits to the Technical Chamber of Greece, the British Council ...
    • The automation project at Library B of Thrace University 

      Παπαδοπεράκης, Περικλής; Papadoperakis, Pericles (1982)
      Describes briefly the software developed for Library B of Thrace University during 1977-79. The machine-readable catalogue of the library is in MARC II format, and for the most part is supplied by the Selective Record ...
    • Public records in Cyprus before and after Independence 

      Γεωργαλλίδης, Γ. Σ.; Georghallides, G.S. (1983)
      Presents the text of a speech delivered by G.S. Georghallides at the Second International Congress of Cypriot Studies, held in Nicosia in April 1982. Management of public records under the British colonial administration ...
    • A library for the Greek community 

      Γιαννακάκος, Μ.; Giannacacos, M. (1983)
      The Greek Orthodox Community of Melbourne and Victoria (GOCMV) administers 5 local churches, and offers education and welfare services to the Greek Orthodox Community. GOCMV's research activities in the education and welfare ...
    • Ancient Greek bibliography 

      Semenovker, B A. (1983)
      The First bibliography of Ancient Greece is considered Aristotle's Didascaliae, a list of tragedies presented at dramatic festivals, compiled in 335-323 B.C. Further development in the field is connected with the building ...
    • Cooperation in the field of librarianship and information between Cyprus and other countries 

      Πετρίδης, Σάββας; Petrides, Savvas (1984)
      Paper presented to the Conference of Mediterranean Librarians on the theme Library cooperation in the Mediterranean region, in Valetta, Malta, 8-9 Apr 83. Stresses the need for nations to cooperate in the exchange and ...
    • Public library services in Greece: report of a Unesco study tour 

      Popma, L. (1984)
      Report of a study tour in June 83 to advise the Greek government on the creation of a mobile library network. Almost of the 10 million Greek population live in rural communities. Illiteracy, which is estimated at 15% of ...
    • Current Cyprus serials 

      Harvey, John F. (1984)
      This two-part bibliography presents a reasonably comprehensive list of current Cypriot serials. The first part of the list contains serials that pertain to Greek Cyprus; the second part contains serials that pertain to ...
    • We gaan gewoon beginnen! het bibliotheekwerk van de griekse gemeenschap in Utrecht 

      Unknown author (1984)
      In the Netherlands the Anagennisi Foundation maintains a social-cultural centre for the use of the 1,100 Greek immigrants resident in Utrecht. In 1979 the centre formed a library for the use of its members. Initially the ...
    • Academic libraries in Greece 

      Krikelas, James (1984)
      Suggests that the specific character of Greece has had a pronounced influence on the development and growth of libraries. Maintains that its geographical disposition and turbulent history have produced a nation of contrasting ...
    • Η UNESCO αναγγέλει κοινό τύπο βιβλιογραφικής περιγραφής 

      Unknown author (Ένωση Ελλήνων Βιβλιοθηκαρίων, 1984)