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dc.contributor.authorΚαπιδάκης, Σαράντοςel_GR
dc.contributor.authorΣφακάκης, Μιχάληςel_GR
dc.contributor.authorKapidakis, Sarantosen
dc.contributor.authorSfakakis, Michalisen
dc.descriptionΠεριέχει το πλήρες κείμενοel_GR
dc.description.abstractThe wide adoption of the Z39.50 protocol from the Libraries exposes their abilities to participate in a distributed environment. In spite of the protocol specification of a unified global access mechanism, query failures and/or inconsistent answers are the pending issues when searching many sources due to the variant or poor implementations. The elimination of these issues heavily depends on the ability of the client to make decisions prior to initiating search requests, utilizing the knowledge of the supported search capabilities of each source. To effectively reformulate such requests, we propose a Datalog based description for capturing the knowledge about the supported search capabilities of a Z39.50 source. We assume that the accessible sources can answer some but possibly not all queries over their data, and we describe a model for their supported search capabilities using a set of parameterized queries, according to the Relational Query Description Language (RQDL) specification.en
dc.sourceLecture Notes in Computer Science (including subseries Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence and Lecture Notes in Bioinformatics) Volume 3652 LNCS, 2005, Pages 426-437en
dc.titleExpression of Z39.50 supported search capabilities by applying formal descriptionsen
dc.subject.JITAΤεχνολογίες πληροφόρησης και τεχνολογίες βιβλιοθηκώνel_GR
dc.subject.JITAInformation technology and library technologyen

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