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dc.contributor.authorΚυριακή-Μάνεση, Δάφνηel_GR
dc.contributor.authorΚουλούρης, Αλέξανδροςel_GR
dc.contributor.authorΓιαννακόπουλος, Γεώργιος Α.el_GR
dc.contributor.authorΖέρβος, Σπύροςel_GR
dc.contributor.authorGiannakopoulos, Georgios A.en
dc.contributor.authorZervos, Sryridonen
dc.contributor.authorKoulouris, Alexandrosen
dc.contributor.authorKyriaki Manesi, Daphneen
dc.descriptionΠεριέχει το πλήρες κείμενοel_GR
dc.description.abstractOver the past year the Library of the TEI of Athens has launched an Institutional Repository containing Faculty's published and unpublished work, students’ theses and a major collection called “Institutional Archives”. The latter was also used as a vehicle for promoting the Repository and had attracted a lot of interest from all faculty members and the Institute's administration. While in the making, special effort was made to secure faculty's understanding of the undertaking and faculty's participation. Information was communicated through e- letters from the Library, the Deans and the Institute's President as well. A web site was developed and a feedback mechanism was set in place. A system of approaching individually each faculty member and create customized lists of publications to be incorporated in the IR had given surprisingly good results. The assessment of these measures in relation to faculty's willingness to participate in the IR is examined. Furthermore, faculty's attitude towards self-archiving is also examined. A bibliographic review was carried out regarding faculty attitudes and factors that shape it. A questionnaire was distributed to all faculty members in order to assess the effectiveness of the communication system and the degree of their willingness to practice self archiving. This explored faculty reactions and determined the effectiveness of the IR.Major findings include the faculty's positive reception of the IR due to the fact that the information was communicated properly through the aforementioned mechanism and their enthusiasm and overcoming of hesitations after understanding the capabilities of the IR.en
dc.sourceProcedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences, Volume 73, 27 February 2013, Pages 777–784, Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Integrated Information (IC-ININFO 2012), Budapest, Hungary, August 30 – September 3, 2012en
dc.titleExploratory Research Regarding Faculty Attitudes towards the Institutional Repository and Self Archivingen
dc.subject.uncontrolledtermInstitutional repositoriesen
dc.subject.uncontrolledtermFaculty Attitudesen
dc.subject.uncontrolledtermBest Practicesen
dc.subject.uncontrolledtermOpen Accessen
dc.subject.uncontrolledtermSelf archivingen
dc.subject.uncontrolledtermRepository Policiesen
dc.subject.JITAΠηγές πληροφορησης, υποστήριξη, δίαυλοι, Αποθετήριαel_GR
dc.subject.JITAInformation sources, supports, channels, Repositoriesen

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