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    • Examining Patterns of Information Behavior Among Healthcare Professionals: a Case Study on Health Psychologists 

      Κωσταγιόλας, Πέτρος; Σαμιώτη, Φ.; Κορφιάτης, Νικόλαος; Νιάκας, Δημήτριος; Αλέξιας, Γιώργος; Samioti, F.; Korfiatis, Nikolaos; Niakas, Dimitriοs; Alexias, George; Kostagiolas, Petros (2012)
      Psychologists are an understudied population in terms of information needs and information seeking behavior. This article provides theoretical analysis accompanied with some empirical evidence drawn from a nationwide survey ...
    • Studying the Information-Seeking Behavior of Hospital Professionals: the Case of METAXA Cancer Hospital in Greece 

      Κωσταγιόλας, Πέτρος; Αλέξιας, Γιώργος; Ζιάβρου, Κατερίνα; Νιάκας, Δημήτριος; Alexias, George; Ziavrou, Katerina; Niakas, Dimitriοs; Kostagiolas, Petros (2012)
      The aim of this work is to study the information-seeking behavior of the hospital staff in a large public hospital, the METAXA Cancer Hospital in Greece. An empirical research was conducted through the development of a ...
    • Work-related factors influencing doctors search behaviors and trust toward medical information resources 

      Κωσταγιόλας, Πέτρος; Κορφιάτης, Νικόλαος; Κουρουθανάσης, Πάνος; Αλέξιας, Γιώργος; Korfiatis, Nikolaos; Kourouthanasis, Panos; Alexias, George; Kostagiolas, Petros (2014)
      We evaluate the nature of factors that influence the relation between perceived credibility and trust towards institutional information sources and their effects on this relation. [•] Two major categories have been considered ...