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    • Designing an integrated digital library framework to support multiple heterogeneous collections 

      Λουρδή, Ειρήνη; Πυρουνάκης, Γιώργος; Σαΐδης, Κώστας; Νικολαϊδου, Μάρα; Lourdi, Eirini; Pyrounakis, George; Nikolaidou, Mara; Saidis, Kostas (2004)
      Athens University recently initiated a digital collection development project to provide enhanced educational capabilities. Collections vary in terms of the material included and the requirements imposed by potential users. ...
    • Digital object prototypes: an effective realization of digital object types 

      Νικολαϊδου, Μάρα; Σαΐδης, Κώστας; Πυρουνάκης, Γιώργος; Δελής, Άλεξ; Saidis, Kostas; Delis, Alex; Nikolaidou, Mara; Pyrounakis, George (2006)
      Digital Object Prototypes (DOPs) provide the DL designer with the ability to model diverse types of digital objects in a uniform manner while offering digital object type conformance; objects conform to the designer's type ...
    • Introducing Pergamos: a fedora-based DL system utilizing digital object prototypes 

      Νικολαϊδου, Μάρα; Πυρουνάκης, Γιώργος; Σαΐδης, Κώστας; Καρακοϊδας, Βασίλειος; Saidis, Kostas; Karakoidas, Vassileios; Nikolaidou, Mara; Pyrounakis, George (2006)
      This demonstration provides a "hands on" experience to the "internals" of Pergamos, the University of Athens DL System. Pergamos provides uniform high level DL services, such as collection management, web based cataloguing, ...