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    • Computer assisted information resources navigation 

      Καρανικόλας, Νικήτας Ν.; Σκουρλάς, Χρίστος; Skourlas, Christos; Karanikolas, Nikitas N. (2000)
      In this paper, the design and development of Computer Assisted Information Resources Navigation (CAIRN) is discussed. CAIRN system is a medical information retrieval system that allows physicians and students to store ...
    • Integration of institutional repositories and e-learning platforms for supporting disabled students in the higher education context 

      Σκουρλάς, Χρίστος; Τσολακίδης, Αναστάσιος; Μπέλσης, Πέτρος; Βάσσης, Δημήτρης; Καμπουράκη, Αργυρώ; Κακουλλίδης, Πάνος; Γιαννακόπουλος, Γεώργιος Α.; Belsis, Petros; Vassis, Dimitris; Kampouraki, Argyrw; Kakoulidis, Panos; Giannakopoulos, Georgios A.; Skourlas, Christos; Tsolakidis, Anastasios (2016)
      Institutional repositories (IR) are usually used to archive and manage digital collections including research results, educational material, etc. Learning management systems (LMS) form a popular basis for e-learning and ...
    • National Documentation Centre: software development for public databases management 

      Σκουρλάς, Χρίστος; Skourlas, Christos (1998)
      The aspects of organising and running a Greek Information Service for Greek Public Access Data Bases are presented. Initially, the major problems are discussed. Such problems are: delay in the establishment of the Public ...
    • Personal Digital Libraries: a self-archiving approach 

      Σκουρλάς, Χρίστος; Καρανικόλας, Νικήτας Ν.; Skourlas, Christos; Karanikolas, Nikitas N. (2014)
      Literature presents a wide range of perceptions of the term Personal Digital Libraries (PDL). In this paper we examine PDL as a self-archiving approach, mainly based on individuals' activities. The rationale of using PDL ...
    • Μηχανοργάνωση των Ελληνικών Βιβλιοθηκών 

      Σκουρλάς, Χρίστος; Skourlas, Christos (Ένωση Ελλήνων Βιβλιοθηκαρίων, 1992)